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The objectives to be pursued in the realization of immovable properties have a direct influence on the data gathering and reporting processes. Realization of the market value of the purchased or leased immovable properties registered as capital in accordance with the recently introduced accounting principles, managing of company immovable properties; developing projects for idle properties; due organization of financial structures that constitute the most important steps of the institutionalization of the new fiscal regulations suggested by BASEL II and Turkish Trade Law; and to diversify the needs for the realization of immovable properties. Aside from realizing the market values, the legal procedures, productivity analyses, and project development tasks embody all comprehensive, detailed data collection, and analyses procedures. The reports drawn do have vital importance on the future of the immovable properties and immovable projects; they are especially critical elements frequently employed by financial organizations, and for investment and construction firms, in the process of decision-making.

Today, all the immovable property realization firms that take part in the project development phase assume active role throughout the application process, starting with finding of a site. Considering this process, project realization services undertaken by our firm can be summarized as follows:

  Financial analyses for investment projects and project feasibility analyses
  Eliminating incongruities to the prevailing laws and conventions stemming from the legal circumstances of the immovable properties, and assessing of their effects on the value of immovable property
  Determining types of immovable properties, site selection for the project; sales process, the appropriateness of the project to city plan and to socio-economic structure, and to conduct market researches on the regional characteristics giving rise to demand,
  Conducting immovable property project analyses for “the best and most efficient usage,”
  Developing projects for the idle immovable properties, and conducting researches for the efficiency of the projects to be developed and feasibility analyses,
  Drawing assessment or determining reports for the elimination of problematic elements; analyzing title deed records for the immovable property projects, cadastral and development prospects, and analyses of relevant legal liabilities,
  Realization of company immovable properties for the purposes purchasing and selling of rights and projects pertaining to the immovable properties,
  Exact determination of the documents proving that the project launched abides by the due developmental regulations and legal procedures,
  Conducting studies for tender process, realization of projects, and determining of projects to be applied for the “most eligible and most efficient” project on the immovable properties to be realized through projects
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