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  Financial analyses, project feasibility analyses for investment projects,
  Value assessment for the real properties for sale according to the daily current value,
  Value assessment for the real property mortgages pledged as guarantee,
  Legal status analyses of the real properties and relevant rights,
  The removal of the incompliance of the real property legal statuses with the related laws and legislations and the assessment of their impacts on real property values,
  Market surveys on real properties,
  The best and the most productive usage analyses,
  Comparative survey report following one-year usage of the real properties for which previous survey reports were prepared,
  Pre-sale value assessment of the company real properties to be sold through compulsory execution in return for overdue receivables,
  The examination of the register of title deeds, cadastre, and public work statuses, and relevant legal liabilities of real properties,
  Preparing factual findings report or opinion report for the problematic real estate,
  Giving loans or preparing leasing contracts for the loans and leasing receivables that constitute base or guarantee for the mortgaged capital market instruments to be exported and that are defined in the first clause of Article 38/A of the Securities Exchange Act; including these receivables in the housing finance fund portfolio, or in the guarantees pool that constitutes basis for mortgage-guaranteed securities; or revaluating the receivables included in the fund portfolio or in the guarantees pool,
  Value assessments with a view to the purchase or sale of the real estates, rights and real estate projects figuring in the portfolio,
  Determining the values of the real estates that are the subjects of renting and leasing transactions,
  Immaterial constant assets valuation.
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