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International Report Standards we Follow in Valuation
Evaluation reports pertaining to realization studies the International Report Standards (IRS) issued by the Capital Markets board of Turkey communiqué number 45 is employed.

A realization report drawn by our company :

1. Puts all the results of the realization forward most explicitly and justly.

2. Clearly introduces the client, the targeted use of the realization, feasibility of the implementation final value reached, dates of the report and studies conducted.

3. Indicates the foundations of the realization including the type and the definition of the realization.

4. Embodies both the market value and the promotion value, should the estate realized be subject to the realization outside its market value.

5. Clarifies and identifies all the rights of possession or shares pertaining to the immovable property to be realized, contains the physical and legal characteristics of the property, and embodies the other claims for a possible rights of ownership that are kept outside the principal claims of ownership in realization.

6. Explains the scope of the studies conducted for realization.

7. Denotes all the assumptions and restrictive conditions to which the final realization value depend.

8. Mentions and defines all the special, exceptional, and extraordinary assumptions that might possibly be encountered.

9. Includes an explanation of the data gathered, interpretation of the market analyses, evaluation of the criteria and procedures, report analyses strengthening opinions and results obtained.

10. Includes a clause propounding that the reports cannot be published – completely or partially – without the written consent of our appraisal specialist; and restricting the revealing the names or of professional qualifications of our staff, and mentioning of realization amounts.

11. Embodies a declaration of appropriateness certifying that the following are accomplished in compliance with the terms and stipulations of the International Appraisal Standards;

• All the findings submitted in the reports are true in relation to all the information the appraisal specialist acquired.
• Analyses and the results are limited only to the mentioned assumptions and circumstances.
• Appraisal specialist has no relation to the property realized whatsoever.
• The fee the appraisal specialist receives is not limited to any part of the report submitted.
• Appraisals are realized in accordance with the moral codes and standards, and in compliance with the professional ethics.
• Appraisal specialist meets all the requirements his/her professional education demands.
• Appraisal specialist has a prior experience in both the type of the property to be realized and in the region where it is located.
• Appraisal specialist inspects the property in person.
• No other person, except for those whose names are mentioned, takes any part in the preparation of the report, or renders a professional help.

12. Includes the name, professional qualifications, and the signature of the appraising specialist.

13. All the realization reports drawn are kept both in digital media and in original printouts in our archives in accordance with the principles of secrecy and data protection principles.

Please follow the link for CMBT Report Format
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