Date: 18.02.2019

Underground Sources Valuation

The most important variables in valuating the mines, open air mines, sand pits, and stone quarries where the underground sources are brought to the surface and processed may be listed as the total amount of reserves of the land used or whose right of usage is taken, purity of the reserve, expenses for bringing out and processing, market prices, machinery and equipment of the plant, and rights of operation and license. Although the variables mentioned above display differences in accordance with the type of the source the valuation methods are similar.

Maden sahasının değeri; rezerv miktarı, tenör/kalite düzeyi, istenmeyen mineral veya minerallerin analizi yapılarak buna bağlı zenginleştirme kriterlerinin bulunmasının ardından, gerekli ilk yatırım, işletme giderleri, amortismanlar vb. Tüm maliyetlerin detaylı olarak analiz edilmesi sonucunda, madenin gelirini baz alan INA yöntemine gore tespit edilir.