Date: 18.02.2019

Industrial Plant Valuation

Immovable properties qualified as industrial facility emerge in many different ways. They sometimes appear as integrated production complex embodying their procurers and energy production facilities; or they might even be organized industrial regions embodying various production units. Factories, workshops, energy production facilities, storage facilities, ports, and logistic facilities are evaluated within this framework.

In the studies to be conducted for the valuation of the industrial facilities the machinery, equipment, and production line values that exceed the value of the land and the plant constructed are taken into consideration; the construction costs of those plants may reach extremely high values depending on their special characteristics. For this reason, in the studies conducted together with the specialists from other disciplines the variations like land, building, machinery, name rights, all the rights and advantages, the production capacity of the plant, market share, and privileges benefited, distance to raw material, and distance to market are taken into consideration.