Date: 22.02.2019

Immaterial Assests Valuation

It is of utmost importance to valuate the stable riches that have direct influence on the corporations’ immovable properties such as,

  Name rights,
  Trademark values,
  Rights of use,
for the determining the real value of the immovable properties and of the stable riches. In some cases, where immovable property or the immovable property projects are encompassed, the immaterial constant assets may exceed the value of the immovable property, as in the case of TV channels. Although they have limited amounts of immovable properties the trade value of the channels comprises the larger amount of the channel’s value. Likewise, the value of the rights of operation of mines, sand pits, stone quarries, and the right of use of the land where touristic facilities built reach to an amount that can not be neglected.