Date: 22.02.2019

Recreation Area Valuation

Recreation areas as a term consist of innumerable immovable property rights and advantages. Most prominent of these are;

  Entertainment Centers,
  Walking Areas,
  Shopping Centers,
  Religious Facilities,
  Picnic Areas,
  Playgrounds and Sports Fields,
  Congress and Fair Grounds,
  Monuments etc.

All these grounds are considered as urban service facilities that are planned to meet the necessities of a whole town. For this reason the studies and analyses to be conducted embody the whole town. More over, such an extensive valuation studies might necessitate the implementation of all the valuation methods in unison. It is especially important to determine the value of the land as the area in consideration is very large. Furthermore, in analyzing the structure of the recreation areas the value that they add to the region where they are located might reach to attention gathering dimensions.