Date: 21.01.2019


  Project development for the idle immovables, productivity and feasibility analyses of the projects developed,
  Value assessment for the real estates to be sold by means of compulsory execution or to be taken as a guarantee in the restructuring of the debt after agreeing with the debtor in order to collect the overdue receivables,
  Arrangement of the real estate valuation reports that constitute bases for the expropriation studies within the scope of the Article 8 of the Expropriation Act no. 2942, amended by the Law no. 4650,
  Real estate valuations for changing them with more beneficial ones or converting them into cash, the subsequently acquired properties and rights of the annexed, non-Muslim, and trade foundations, and other new foundations, or their realization upon the decision of the authorized organ of the relevant foundation, within the framework of the Foundations Act number 5737, Article 12,
  Current value balancing works to be used in the possible transfers to be carried out for restoration development plans within the scope of the Article 17 of the Law on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage,
  Determining the current values in selling, renting, allocation of the immovables belonging to treasury and in establishing limited tangible rights, within the scope of the Article 7 of the Law no. 4706 on realization of the immovables belonging to treasury,
  Establishing tender processes and project assessment works for choosing “the most proper and efficient” project for the real estates to be realized through projects,
  Determining current market values of the real estates to be purchased by the public institutions, or to be sold by the state,
  Valuations of real estate, rights, and profits associated with the real estate that are carried out in the name of public institutions and municipalities concerned with urbanization and urban transformation projects; administering the urban transformation projects; creating mathematical sharing models,
  Valuation works carried out for determining the tax assessments of the real estates and the rights and profits arising from these real estates.