Date: 19.12.2018

Private Sector

  Feasibility and yield analyses for investment projects,
  Value assessment of the real properties to be offered for sale or to be purchased depending on the current value,
  Determining the values of real properties and related rights and profits that are subject to insurance transactions (pre-appraisal ),
  Value assessment for the real property mortgages to be pledged as guarantee,
  Legal status analyses of real properties and related rights,
  The removal of the incompliance of the real property legal statuses with the related laws and legislations and the assessment of their impact on real property values,
  Market surveys on real properties,
  The best and the most productive usage analyses,
  Rent value assessment of the real properties to be rented or hired out,
  Pre-sale value assessment of the company real properties to be sold through compulsory execution in return for overdue receivables,
  The examination of the register of title deeds, cadastre, and public work statuses and other legal liabilities of real properties,
  Preparation of fact-finding or opinion reports for the problematic real properties,
  Value assessment for renting real properties to be hired out,
  Determining whether legal procedures are applied and the necessary documents are prepared in a just and accurate way in order to start the construction of the projects based on real properties,
  Value assessment for real property auction or closing-down sales,
  Value and legal status assessments, and equal sharing of the inherited real properties in accordance with their qualities and market condition,
  Immaterial constant assets valuation.