Date: 23.01.2019

Foreign Investor

  Real estate consultancy services for those investors who are out side and willing to invest in our country
  In process of selection, for the land territory which provides the essential qualities to invest in ;

* For the real estates; condition determination research, analysies of the faced up technical or legal matters, making the contradiction disappeared emergent in law and related regulations and establishing of how those affects the value of real estate and solution suggestions in the country system.
* For needed real estates aimed at investment, to constitute necessary criterians and to decide the location that is intended for the needs of investment speciality,
* Project development,
* Practicability-feasibility analysies for developted projects

  Drawing assessment or determining reports for the elimination of problematic elements; analyzing title deed records for the immovable property projects, cadastral and development prospects, and analyses of relevant legal liabilities,
  Value determination by the aim of commerce or renting for real estates that is aimed at investment, fort he rights of real estates and for projects based on real estates.
  Exact determination of the documents proving that the project launched abides by the due developmental regulations and legal procedures,
  Conducting studies for tender process, realization of projects, and determining of projects to be applied for the “most eligible and most efficient” project on the immovable properties to be realized through projects,
  Determining types of immovable properties, site selection for the project; sales process, the appropriateness of the project to city plan and to socio-economic structure, and to conduct market researches on the regional characteristics giving rise to demand.