Date: 19.12.2018

Individual Investor

The day of our increasingly diversified real estate conditions, individual investors and the use of the real estate investment relations, professional services need to buy more. This service will sometimes be the real price of real estate to rent or detection, sometimes also the real estate project, whether the appropriate legal requirements as may be determined. Individual investors, real estate, and each variable can act consciously to be aware, the lens can be buyers, real estate and projects on a technical or legal information of any kind should be. Our company to individual investors, in the near future will be even more important for real estate investment, risk and the independent and impartial as know the following details are to provide guidance on:

  For sale or rent to determine the market rate,
  Projects and determine the necessary legal and regulatory compliance,
  Real estate investment purposes or to detect the use of appropriate,
  Evaluation of real estate advice and counseling,
  Have been acquired through inheritance rights of inheritance of real estate to share in the fair value as determined by doing, sharing model preparation.