Date: 18.02.2019

Foundations and Societies

  Will be offered for sale or purchase of real estate value based on today`s rate of detection,
  Rent or lease to grant to the rental value of real estate detection,
  Property of the land records, cadastral and reconstruction of state and other legal liability examination,
  To start the construction of real estate-based projects, and the necessary legal procedure was followed to the full and correct documentation is available as to be determined,
  Received flat from constructors that will make money for real estate projects and determining the rate,
  In the content of Act No. 5737 of the Foundation `s 12th section, Within the scope of Article; added, congregations, foundations and new foundations trades later acquisition of the goods and rights, the foundation of the decision of competent bodies and with more useful ones can be changed or can be converted into cash in order for the real estate valuation,
  This project will be evaluated in real estate "to select the most appropriate and most efficient for the project will be done, the tender process to create and project evaluation studies,